My Master Project with two other Colleges Alex && Lien

In Ragnarogue, you are dead. But don't worry, because the Norse gods got you covered! You are granted the very special once-in-a-deadtime-chance to fight your way right out of Hel, aka the underworld. A god of your choosing lends you a powerful, divine weapon to brawl your way right out of being dead and back into your former life - no, if you are successful enough, you can brawl your way up the other layers of Yggdrasil, right into Asgard and godhood!

Don't worry, you have nothing to lose - after all, you are already dead!

  • Fight with the weapon your chosen god has granted you through hoards of creepy undead enemies in the depths of Hel!

  • Explore the randomized levels of Hel in your desperate search for an exit to the lands of the living!

  • Collect useful items to strengthen yourself or your divine weapon!

The available demo version encompasses the first layer of Yggdrasil, Hel. You can only choose one god, Thor, who lends you his hammer Mjölnir, but you can find multiple upgrades to greatly improve and change the hammer and yourself!

I worked on 7th Sign, an action fast paced shooter with inspirations of 90 s games era.

for more info and about it Demo visit : Steam Page http://try-estate.com

Dungeon Escape

A princess is locked up in a dungeon and has to climb up the dungeon to fight the bad Goat so she can escape the dungeon to the castle to confront her uncle. She can throw apple at her enemies or jump over their head. The goat is a creature made by her uncle to spawn enemies to make her way stay in dungeon to and another problem is the upraising water level because she can’t swim when enemies fall into the water and the water raises she can die. The game has three type of enemies and a Boss now it only features pre design waves but we’re planning for wave generation for an adaptive game play so every time you’re playing the game it is something different.

As I was in university I wanted to do a game Project with an Artist and a Programmer and one summer I convinced one of my friends to join the Game Club of University Tehran and make a game together . So with help from two artist we made Dungeon Escape in less than three months . I did the Game Design and a little bit of the Programing like enemy waves and so on . I tired to teach my friend game maker too and explain the artist what we needed as a sprite.

Relaxation VR

I know It is not a game. but it is game related ; I did this Project for the phycology department of the University of Tehran .It was made with Unity with VR ability and tested with oculus VR .They are now testing the Project on about 70 people .

In phycology they have this training where you relax your body and think of a beautiful place in nature where you have no worries . The goal of this Project was to help people with the lack of imagination experience such places with VR . based on some voices I created three places in Unity where the test subject will have a most relaxing experience in VR form and help them to do the relaxation training .

I used some unity package’s to help me with rain and weather but initiating oculus (which is not really easy if you live in Iran) , syncing the voices with the atmosphere and every thing else was done by me in a short time (less than a month with edits and revision included ) . the Projects were too big to include here so I just place here two sample video which are even not the final version.


Setia : To tell people in Iran who use too much fat products and to . I designed Setia based on Dr Rupert Payne Riskcalculator fomula of life . some of the data you give yourself into the game and the other ones if you ware part of the health system it could get from internet .you are a guardian of the body in form of a nanobot and you Protect the body by eating healthy cell and avoiding bad cells so your journey begins from toe to heart and finally to head and in your way you go trough many organs and help the body to be in a better condition. In the course of the game you lean about your body and what is good for your hear and what is not .

It is a casual game with the concern in mind to be available on smart platforms such as android and IOs.

Tower Defense zombie

Back in day , when I went to Iran Game Development institute we had a course called scripting in video games and as it was in same time I was going to university I had not enough time for both of them but I finished this game with two of my friends . it is some kind of version of PVZ but some slight differences were made the main hero is a cloud who fire a lighting to destroy zombies it has to make rain and can do this by destroying more zombies .

Trash Cleaner

In Course Level Design 1 at Iran’s National Game Development Institute for final project we were given a GDD and our task was to implement it with all of we had learned about game design or level design and like all group projects we were 4 people but only 2 worked . GDD was about a plat former shooter , were the main character shoots trash cans and cleans the levels . we added some RPG elements and you can buy and upgrades weapon s . the levels have back tracks and some influence from Metroid . the whole game was made during two or three weeks and I worked with a broken leg with my friend on it . all of the art was pre made and we had some of the codes from internet but the whole game implementation was our work and we designed every level our selves . I think I can say my share of the project was 50% .